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Are you planning to make some changes in your home? Want to secure your property in a better way? Your driveway gate is the best thing you can start with. It definitely adds to your house’s beauty at the entrance and at the same time your driveway gate ensures the security of your house. Therefore it is very important to take the right decision in choosing your driveway gate.

Driveway gate Classification

Driveway gates are classified into two types – Siding and swinging. The swinging driveway gates are the most used options but the sliding driveway gate is a great choice when homes have restriction for swinging ones due to obstruction or inclined driveway.

Choosing your driveway gate – Sliding or Swinging

Here are the features of sliding and swinging driveway gates so that you can choose which type of gate you want.

Sliding driveway gates

  • They slide back in one direction and i.e. horizontal

  • The space is utilized effectively and therefore they are economical and neat

  • When the driveway is inclined, then sliding driveway gate is the best and it is very easy to install them.

  • Sliding driveway gates can also be opened with a keypad or remote control.

  • When the space is premium, these driveway gates are the best.

Swinging driveway gates

  • These are designed to swing in or out depending upon the space available.

  • When there is no enough width at the side of the gate, the swinging gates are the best.

  • Swinging gates are usually operated by remotes or keypads

  • These gates are best when the surface is flat but they cannot be installed on inclined driveways where the smooth operation is hampered.

  • Swinging gates are a little expensive because they need operating mechanisms on both the sides of the gate.

You can choose whichever type of driveway gate you like after looking at their features above.

Driveway gate materials

The best material for driveway gates is wrought iron due to its anti corrosive properties. Steel and Aluminum are the other good options. You can also choose wood as the gate material but remember you have to give more maintenance to it.

After going through all the driveway gate options here, choosing your driveway gate will not be a big deal for you.