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The Woodlands garage doorIf you want to give your garage a facelift, you should look for a new The Woodlands garage door. Garage doors are available in various materials. Wood might have been the top choice in the past, but you can find materials that are easier to install and maintain today. Wood needs ongoing maintenance and you need to repaint it often to keep it attractive. garage door repair The Woodlands TX has a large stock of garage doors in various sizes and styles.

One of the most popular options is steel doors surrounded by solid foam insulation. Garage doors made of steel can have a smooth finish or embossed wood-grain. Another option is plastic, which is becoming more popular as it is easy to maintain and lightweight. Plastic won’t decay or corrode and its color won’t fade. Its silent operation is another benefit of plastic.

Garage doors today are also equipped with safety features, making them safer for families with kids. For instance, the joints between sections are now featuring special shapes that prevent any possibility of getting caught in cracks. An automatic reverse technology is also installed in automated openers to send the door back up right away if it comes into contact with something while closing. If it senses anything in the opening, the garage door will change direction right away and go back up.

Insulation can now be added to The Woodlands garage door. This is perfect for those living in areas with harsh winters. You can add polyurethane or polystyrene to a 2″ sheet to attain an R-value of up to ten. You can find garage doors that are pre-insulated. Before you purchase anything, check the door’s R-value.

You’re also presented with two hardware options – torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are best for wide and heavy products and need about 12″ of headroom to be installed. Extension springs are easier to install and need about 10″ of headroom. These are also less expensive. If you’re planning to replace your current garage door, all you need to do is to call M.G.A garage door in The Woodlands TX.

Our selection includes The Woodlands garage door from different brands. You can pick your desired door from the comfort of your home by browsing our site. Once you’ve chosen your preferred garage door, you can call us and arrange a visit to our showroom with one of our experts. We are dedicated to providing a high quality service and complete after sales support.

Your satisfaction is our main priority that’s why we provide only the best selection of garage door at great prices. We also offer garage door repair, replacement and installation. Just call us if you need garage door repair The Woodlands. Whether you have a broken garage door spring, a door off track or your door won’t even budge, we are always ready to provide the service you need at a price you can afford.