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Residential Garage Door

Residential Garage Doors Services By M.G.A Garage Door Repair The Woodlands TX

Residential Garage Door

When you pass by an array of residential homes, especially in luxurious villages, you would notice that almost every house has a garage door installed in their garage spaces. Each garage door has a different design and has different opening operation system. Garage doors are considered to be the biggest entryway in any house and it’s also the only door that gets used more often than any other door. So you have to make sure that your home gets the security and stability that garage doors provide. Give your home the best when it comes to choosing the perfect Residential Garage Door. This collection of doors is particularly seen installed in houses, providing families extra space and security.

You should move a few feet away and wait for the door to open up to keep your car from being hit by the door. Side-Hinged Door is also available for residential garage doors. It differs from other garage doors because it does not open overhead but uses steel hinges to open outward. This doesn’t take up space in the ceiling, allowing for more garage space. Customers usually get this type of doors when they use their garage space as a workshop rather than parking space.  This is commonly operated manually and is not ideal for driving in and out, as it requires you to literally get out your car and open the garage door.

Types of Residential Garage Door

There are numerous types of garage doors in the market today and nothing is better to handle installation, repair, and maintenance than Garage Door Repair The Woodlands. In considering which garage door would be perfect for your home, you should have the firsthand idea on how you want your garage door to work and operate. The roll-up garage door is the most appealing type of residential doors that the company provides services for. Unlike other garage doors, the roll-up garage door doesn’t occupy much space when opening and closing. When it opens, it rolls upward and then on a spindle in the ceiling. One of the numerous benefits it offers is that it is able to fit in tight spaces because it requires a minimal backroom, headroom, and side-room. Panels and security grilles are likely to be used with this kind of product depending on the design and specification needed.

Canopy garage doors are another type of garage doors. It has a single panel door that uses vertical tracks on the sides of the door frame to flip open and slide back to the ceiling. It is designed with one-third of the door protruding outside the garage. This is built with torsion springs that require manual operation to open and close. Sectional garage doors are the most popular in the market. It uses both vertical and horizontal tracks on the side and on the ceiling of the garage to open and close. This is commonly built with automatic door openers for a smooth and quiet operation. You have to look out for this type of garage door because it needs a bit more space in the garage and a bit more outside before you park your car.

Garage Door Materials

Residential Garage Doors are made with materials and is designed to give every detail a certain function that benefits a home. These type of garage doors should have the best dependable quality at the same time it should also complement the style and theme of a home. In choosing the perfect door, one needs to consider the best materials to use. Colors, materials, panels, sizes, and windows all vary to give you the best selection of materials. You have to remember that residential garage doors are not picky when it comes to the materials used as long as it does its job and benefits the exterior of your home. There are many materials available in the market today. The common materials used to build a garage door are wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Wood materials are perfect to use in residential garage doors because of its authenticity and durability. Customers who want to achieve the rustic look in their garage would cost them a bit more than other materials. The only downside to wood is that it has to be maintained regularly or it would be subjected to decay and rot, especially under wet weather conditions. Steel is the most common option in choosing a material for the garage door. First of all, it is cheaper than wood and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It is tougher and versatile to suit your own personal style. High-quality steel is coated with a rust-resistant finish to avoid corrosion. But this material is still subjected to dents. Aluminum is a heavy duty material to use in garage doors and is considered to be an upgrade of the usual steel doors. Of course, it is a little more expensive than steel but it offers durability and long life with its corrosion-resistant coating. Vinyl is also considered to be great for residential garage doors because it is known to be a “child-proofed” material. It is difficult to break or dent and it doesn’t rust. If you have a kid, this material should be on your list.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers vary in style and operation. You would want an effective and efficient machinery to open and close your door. These are available in both manual and automatic mode. Manual openers are great when the power goes out. But if you want to make your life easier with just a click of a button, then, automatic doors are the ones for you. The most common automatic door openers are the chain drive, the belt drive, and the jackshaft drive. The Chain Drive Opener works with a chain that connects the trolley to the motor. This is the least expensive operating system but it is loud and clunky because of the metal to metal contact and vibration. The Belt Drive is another type of opener that uses a rubber belt than a chain. It works smoothly and quieter than a chain drive.

A Screw Drive Opener is also available in the market that has a trolley on threaded steel rod to lift the garage door. This type of opener is the noisiest in garage doors but has the least maintenance feature because it doesn’t need complex parts to work. Jackshaft Drive is expensive door openers that are installed on the side of the doors, using a 24 volts DC motor that drives pulleys and cables that move the torsion bar to raise the door. M.G.A. Garage Door Repair, The Woodlands, TX provides the perfect fit for every specification needs to meet standards and give the best design for a residential home. Stylish aluminum glass, fiberglass, stainless steel, vinyl or wood are some of the materials that can be used for this type of garage door.