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My garage door remote is not working but the push button on the wall is working. What is the problem?

The most common problem may be the replacement of the battery of your remote. Get it replaced soon.

Do you offer residential and commercial garage door services?

Yes, we offer both residential and commercial garage door services and we have a very good record of customer service experience and have installed a good number of garage doors for both residential and commercial spaces in The Woodlands TX. We do complete installation and service for every type of garage doors we offer.

What kind of garage door and its parts you offer?

M.G.A Garage Door In The Woodlands TX offer only the highest quality garage doors of all the major brands available in the market.  We are a certified garage door company in The Woodlands TX and we consider the quality as of utmost important in the field of garage door services. All the garage door parts we offer or change are of the highest quality and from known brands.

Can I get a custom door of special size?

Yes, we can provide you custom door of special sizes to fit into your garage door spaces. All you need is to call to our phone number and we will send an expert to your home for inspection.

Does my garage door require a regular maintenance?

Yes, your garage door requires a regular maintenance service. It is recommended always and it may have come with your garage door manual. If you don’t have the maintenance instructions, then contact us and we will help you. In case you need a maintenance service from us, we will be happy to help you.

If I lost my garage door remote or it gets broken, how will I get it replaced?

Note the garage door brand or the opener and contact the company which installed your garage door or its opener. They will be able to replace your remote promptly if the installation was done recently. With old garage door remotes, replacement is also possible with some efforts, but you have to check it with your garage door company.

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