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Do you know that your garage door The Woodlands is one of the most important and complex mechanical assets in your home? Just as you pay attention to your car, washing machine or other machines in your home, you have to pay attention to your garage door as well. It is really important to repair your garage door time to time and change the garage door parts the Woodlands if needed.

Here are some signs to look out for knowing that your garage door needs a repair:

Slow operating garage door

If you detect that your garage door has slowed down in opening or closing, then it can be an issue with the blockage or your garage door opener or any other in garage door. You need to go ahead with a garage door repair.

Noisy operation

Noise should be minimum when your garage door operates. If you observe a high level of noise in operation of your garage door then it may be a problem with garage door springs, opener or some other garage door component. Garage door repair The Woodlands TX or changing garage door parts the Woodlands can be the solution.

Sticking while operating

Your garage door should open or close smoothly without sticking. If sticking is there then it can be a problem of improper lubrication, misaligned tracks or dirty tracks.


Faulty tension spring is the problem causing the sagging of your garage door. Sagging is the continued opening of your garage door even if you want to close it automatically or manually.

Increase in energy bills

A faulty weather stripping, wrong fitting of the garage door or other issues with garage door results in an increase in your energy bills. A proper garage door repair service is required along with the changing of garage door parts the Woodlands if needed.