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You might be surprised with the available number of options when you want to buy a garage door opener for your home. In this article we will provide information which will help you in determining which type of garage door opener is best for your garage door.

Factors which help in determining which type of garage door opener is best

Types of drive

There are 3 main types of opener drives- Belt, chain and screw. Chain drive openers are the oldest, popular and of great value. But they are noisy and not a good choice if near bedroom. Belt drives are similar to chain drive in operation but use a rubber belt. They are the quietest but little bit costlier than the others. Screw drive openers are the midway in cost but noisier. They require little maintenance and easy to install.

Horse Power

½ horse power is sufficient for a regular garage door with one or two cars. For heavier garage doors ¾ horse power is sufficient. If you need more, go for it because there is no such big price difference.

Size of the Door

Standard door opener can accommodate standard garage door of 7 feet tall and a bit more. But if the garage door is taller than the garage door opener needs an extension kit.

Safety and Security features

After 1993, all garage door openers need to have a reversing mechanism which stops and reverses a closing door if any type of object comes in between. This saves damage to cars, people and pets. For adding security, your garage door opener should have rolling code feature which makes very difficult for a burglar to access the code for opening garage door Repair The Woodlands TX.

Lights required

Standard opener can handle two 60 watt bulbs. If you want more light than you have to buy the garage door opener which supports more watts of light.

Battery backup

It is not a standard feature but some models support it. So if you need battery backup too, you can go for an opener which supports it. You will be able to use the garage door opener in the time of power cut too.

Keyless pad for entry

Just outside the garage door keyless entry pad is mounted and helps you in entering the proper code and get in without a key.

The factors explained above are the most important ones in determining which type of garage door opener is best for your garage door.